• 7.May.2024
  • 1 min
  • By: Steve Reid

The US Department of Transport has issued new guidance for airlines in respect of compensation for passengers who suffer delays or cancellations.

Whilst the new regulations are most welcome, they stop short of adopting similar rules to those of the UK and EU.

In a nutshell, passengers shall be entitled to automatic cash refunds if the flight is delayed by three hours or more for domestic flights within the USA, and six hours or more for international flights. Cancellations for any reason are also covered.

You could also be due a refund if you booked a flight with certain services included but the airline was unable to provide them such as specific seating or seat upgrades, in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, or accessible services for disabled passengers.

Additionally, lost, or delayed bags that are missing for twelve hours or more, may also mean entitlement to compensation.

Steve Reid our resident travel expert said of the new changes; “this is a big deal for passengers travelling within the USA, airlines were previously not compelled to provide compensation, and if they did, it was most likely in the form of vouchers for future use. The new rules mean cash payments instead of vouchers and this is great news for travellers.”

The airlines have six months in which to comply with the new regulations, but it is hoped that airlines will compensate passengers fairly as a matter of routine much sooner.

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