• 2.April.2024
  • 2 min
  • By: Steve Reid

After months of ‘will they or won’t they’ The Public & Communication Services Union (PSC) have said their members have overwhelmingly voted to take strike action which is to take place between 29th of April and 2nd May 2024 at London’s Heathrow airport. The strike is set to be followed by a ‘work to rule’ which may last until mid-May.

PCS represents UK Border Force officers based at London Heathrow Airport. It recently balloted its members about proposed changes to their working arrangements, and its members have voted in majority to take strike action.

Border Force officers carry out essential immigration control and passport checks, and any industrial action that the union members undertake will likely cause severe disruption to passengers at one of the World’s busiest airports.

Steve Reid our resident travel expert warns that “strike action by UK Border Force officers at Heathrow may have knock-on consequences of delayed flights and last-minute cancellations. Passengers have very few rights or recourse against the airlines for any disruption they may suffer, as strike action by staff not within the control of the airlines, is deemed as ‘exceptional circumstances’ and therefore airlines are not compelled to compensate passengers or provide assistance.

The best that passengers can do in these circumstances is to plan ahead; to make sure that they check the airline’s and airport’s information on the respective websites, be prepared for any possible delays or cancellations of flights, and wherever possible to make alternative arrangements.

The Home Office which is responsible for the UK’s Border Force has said that they are working on contingency plans to minimise the effects of any strike action.

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