Unparalleled Earning Potential:

Become part of our partner community and experience one of the most rewarding referral payment programs currently offered. Tailor your earnings with our flexible options:

Completion Model:

Substantial pay out on completion.

Upfront Earnings:

Guaranteed upfront


Balanced approach combining mutual risk with shared rewards.

Partner Benefits That Set Us Apart:

Transparent Tracking:

Experience clarity with our real-time, online reporting system.

Progress Updates:

Stay informed with regular, up-to-date insights on your referrals.

Prompt Payments:

Reliability is key – expect timely compensation for your efforts.


An Air Travel Claim partnership can turn airline misery into opportunities. 

ATC Partner Scheme

Benefits for our partners 

Help your customers get the compensation they deserve. 

Customers who are affected by flight disruptions and are eligible for compensation often don’t realise it or have no idea how to obtain the compensation they are entitled to.  

This is where Air Travel Claim can provide your customers with a valuable service. We do all the hard work and make claiming easy for your customers and, get them the cash they deserve. 

You can earn commissions when your customers get paid. 

We work on a No Win – No Fee basis, so there is no disadvantage for referring your customers to Air Travel Claim. We’ll pay you for every valid referral, or for every successful claim you send our way in accordance with the referral scheme you choose.


How it works

step 1

Flight Database

We search our powerful flight database and validate your customers claims.

step 2


We handle all the paperwork, submit the claim and deal with the airlines.

step 3

Everyone benefits!

Your customers get their compensation,
and you generate a commission.

Our Partner FAQ's

  • Who are Air Travel Claim?

    The team behind Air Travel Claim boast many years of experience with consumer claims management. To date, we have successfully recovered over £308m for millions of customers and counting…

  • Which airlines do you work with?

    We make claims against all airlines, irrespective of where they are domiciled. We uphold the passenger rights held under UK and EU passenger regulations.

  • Why should I join your partner program?

    Apart from the obvious revenue sharing benefits this may bring, but from a customer service standpoint, offering your customers someone they can turn to at their time of need, speaks volumes for the care and high standards that you place in the relationship with your customers.

  • How many of my customers can make a claim?

    Statistically, 75% of the travelling population will have suffered some sort of flight disruption at some point. Sadly, it’s an ongoing situation with airlines affected by striking staff, technical faults, or shuffling their schedules around to meet their operational needs. Meaning that customers who may have been lucky enough not to have been affected in the past, may in future need to make a claim. We are here to help them, and they could get up to £520 per passenger. And, what’s more is that, claims can be backdated up to six years.

  • How much commission do I receive?

    Our partner revenue share scheme is the most generous in the marketplace. So, you can be assured that a partnership with Air Travel Claim is highly lucrative, sustainable, and indeed worthwhile.

  • How quickly do I get paid?

    Depending on the agreed commercial terms, you could realistically start to see revenue within a matter of weeks. We pay our partners promptly every month via bank transfer.

  • What about tracking and reporting?

    Transparency is key for many of our partners, and we very much appreciate this. We’ll provide you with a unique tracking source code, which means that you’ll be able to track the status of your customer claims in clear detail, throughout the entire process. We’ll supply you with your own online access to view your referrals at any time 24/7 so you are never left in the dark.

More Partner FAQ's

  • Will I have a named contact to deal with?

    Absolutely, your dedicated account manager will provide you with account set up and on-going support to deal with any queries you have. Their job is one to fully support the success of your on-going relationship with Air Travel Claim, they are just phone call or instant message away.

  • What about customer enquiries?

    We take care of all on-going communications with your customers providing them with a first-class service, so that they always know what’s going on with their claim. If at any time they need someone to talk to, our knowledgeable and friendly contact centre team are on hand to assist them at every step of the way.

  • How do you process claims?

    We have state of the art technology to quickly assess the validity of a claim as well as smart processes to engage with the airlines individual claim management processes. We also have good standing and day to day working operations with airlines. This means that claims are processed faster and achieve more favourable outcomes sooner. In the unlikely event that some airlines don’t step up to their legal responsibilities, our in-house litigation team pursue the matter and go to Court if necessary.

  • What’s involved in getting started?

    Our account management team will hold your hand in what is a relatively straightforward and quick start up process. We’ll support you with many resources to leverage your success, including full marketing support to maximise the opportunity.

  • How do I join your partner program?

    There is no better time to join us. Simply fill out the contact for on this page and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements. Or you can contact Steve Reid on 07912 021160 or email him at steve.reid@airtravelclaim.com. He’ll be delighted to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.