What To Do If You Miss A Connecting Flight

Missing a connecting flight can turn your travel plans upside down, but did you know you might be entitled to compensation for the inconvenience? At Air Travel Claim, we understand how frustrating missed connections can be. That’s why we’re here to guide you through your rights and how to claim compensation, ensuring you’re not left out of pocket.

Understanding Missed Connection Compensation

You may be eligible for compensation when you miss a connecting flight due to the airline’s fault, such as a delay in your first segment of the journey. This applies to situations where all flights are under the same booking reference, ensuring the airline is responsible for getting you to your final destination.

Are You Eligible? How To Know If You Are Owed Missed Flight Compensation

Flight Itinerary: Your missed connection must be part of a single booking. Separate bookings are not covered under the same compensation rules.

Reason for Missed Connection: The initial delay must be due to reasons within the airline’s control, like operational issues or maintenance delays. Extraordinary circumstances, such as bad weather or air traffic control restrictions, usually do not qualify.

Regulation Coverage: Your flight must fall under certain regulations, such as EC 261 in the European Union, which covers flights into, out of, or within the EU by an EU carrier.

How To Know If Your Connecting Flights Were Part of The Same Booking

Determining whether your connecting flights are part of the same reservation is crucial for understanding your rights, especially in situations like missed connections where compensation may be involved. The simplest way to check is by looking at your booking confirmation or e-ticket from the airline. If all your flights are listed under a single booking reference number or PNR (Passenger Name Record), they are considered part of the same reservation. This single reference number is your golden ticket, indicating that the airline acknowledges all segments of your journey as one continuous itinerary. Additionally, if you booked through a travel agent or a third-party website, you can confirm with them directly. Ensuring your flights are on the same reservation not only simplifies your travel experience but also strengthens your position when claiming compensation for any disruptions.

When Can You Claim?

In the UK, passengers are entitled to claim compensation for missed connecting flights under certain conditions, primarily governed by EU Regulation EC 261/2004, which remains applicable to flights departing from UK airports to EU destinations, as well as flights operated by UK or EU carriers from the EU to the UK. You can claim compensation when your missed connection is due to a delay, cancellation, or denial of boarding on the first part of your journey, and all flights are under the same booking reference.

UK Flight Compensation for Connecting Flights: The Key Criteria

The key criteria for eligibility include a delay of more than three hours at your final destination, not just at the connecting airport, and the disruption must be within the airline’s control, excluding extraordinary circumstances like severe weather or air traffic control decisions. This regulation ensures that passengers are protected and can receive compensation ranging from €250 to €600, depending on the flight distance and the length of the delay, ensuring that travellers are fairly compensated for significant disruptions to their plans.

Which Missed Connections Are Covered

You can get compensation for missed connections if the problem was something the airline could have prevented. This includes issues like mechanical problems with the plane or the airline not having enough staff. Your flights need to be on one ticket; this means they’re all booked together. If you’re flying to or from places in the EU, or with an EU airline, there’s a specific rule (EU Regulation EC 261/2004) that helps you get money back if things go wrong. Also, if you’re flying from outside the EU to somewhere in the EU with an EU airline, and it’s all on one booking, this rule applies too. The main point is, if the airline could have stopped the delay but didn’t, you might be able to get compensation.

Which Missed Connections Aren’t Covered

You won’t get compensation for missed connections if the delay was caused by something out of the airline’s control, like bad weather, natural disasters, or problems at the airport. Also, if you booked your flights separately, even if it’s with the same airline, they’re considered different trips. So, if you miss your connection, the airline doesn’t have to pay you compensation. If the airline told you about the change or cancellation two weeks before your flight, or they managed to get you to your final destination around the same time as your original booking, they also might not have to pay compensation. It’s important to know these rules so you can figure out if you should get money back for a missed connection.

If You Are Delayed Over Three Hours At Your Final Destination

If your flight gets you to your final destination more than three hours late, you might be able to get some money back from the airline. This rule applies if the delay was for reasons the airline could control, like problems with the plane or not having enough crew members. It doesn’t matter if your flight was direct or if you had connecting flights, as long as all your flights were booked together on one ticket. The amount of money you can get depends on how long the delay was and how far you were flying. But remember, if the delay was because of things the airline couldn’t control, like bad weather or an emergency, then they don’t have to pay you compensation. This three-hour rule is there to make sure airlines do their best to keep to their schedule and treat passengers fairly when things don’t go as planned.

Other Entitlements- What Else Could You Be Due?

Besides getting money back for big delays, there are other things you might be entitled to if your flight doesn’t go as planned. If you’re stuck at the airport waiting for your delayed flight, the airline should take care of you. They might give you meal vouchers, refreshments, and even a place to stay if you have to wait overnight. If your flight is canceled, you can choose between getting your money back or being booked on another flight to your destination. And if you’re left waiting at the airport for a long time, you should also get help like phone calls or emails to let your loved ones know what’s happening. These rights are there to make sure you’re not left out of pocket or stranded without help when your travel plans are disrupted.

Steps to Claim Compensation

If you think you could have a claim, here is what to do next.

Confirm Your Eligibility: Ensure your situation meets the criteria for missed connection compensation.

Collect Evidence: Keep your boarding passes, booking confirmation, and any communication from the airline. Note the arrival time at your final destination.

File a Claim: Contact the airline to file your claim. Provide all necessary documentation and be clear about the compensation you’re seeking.

Seek Assistance if Needed: If you encounter resistance or the process seems overwhelming, Air Travel Claim can help. We’ll guide you through the process and work to secure your compensation.

Tips for Dealing with Missed Connections

Stay Informed: Know your rights and the airline’s policy on missed connections before you travel.

Act Quickly: The sooner you act, the smoother the process will be. Start by speaking to airline staff at the airport to arrange rebooking.

Keep Records: Document everything, including the reason given by the airline for any delays and your expenses.

Getting Help

Missed connections are a hassle, but you’re not alone. Air Travel Claim is here to support you every step of the way, from understanding your rights to filing a claim and securing compensation. With our help, you can navigate these turbulent situations with confidence and get back to your travel plans with minimal disruption. Use our free compensation calculator to see if you could have a claim.

Remember, while missed connections can be a significant inconvenience, compensation is there to mitigate the impact. Knowing your rights is the first step to ensuring you’re not left at a disadvantage.

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