Compensation for Delayed Easyjet Flights:

Airlines, including Easyjet, strive for punctuality. But when delays occur, European regulations got your back. Since Easyjet is EU-based, most of their flights are governed by EC 261, a globally recognised regulation for air passenger rights.

This regulation empowers passengers to seek compensation for disruptions not caused by them. There are exceptions, like extreme weather, but for most technical or internal issues, you’re covered. With Easyjet, you typically have a 3-year window to claim. Input your flight data into our streamlined compensation calculator to check your eligibility, and our team will guide you through the process.

Compensation Amounts for Easyjet Flights:

Based on distance, the compensation varies:

  • 1,500 km: Up to £440 per couple
  • 1,500 – 3,500 km: Up to £700per couple
  • 3,500+ km: Up to £1040 (€1200) per couple

These figures are based on EU & UK Regulation 261, and exceptions might affect the claimable amount. Use our tool to verify your compensation.

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Easyjet and UK261:

Being based in the EU, most Easyjet flights are protected by EU261. This regulation guarantees passengers can claim compensation for certain disruptions. You might even be eligible to claim for flights from up to 6 years ago.

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1200 +

Operating around 1200 flights a day through over 900 different routes to 153 airports at peak times.

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20.4 M+

In 2021 Easyjet flew 20.4 million passengers, that is 56,000 passengers a day at their peak times.


On average Easyjet have 635 flights a day leave right on time.

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