Denied Boarding Flight Compensation – What You Need to Know

Finding out you can’t board your flight because it’s overbooked is more than just annoying; it can throw your whole trip off. But did you know you might be entitled to compensation if this happens? Our UK flight compensation experts have put together some straightforward tips to understanding your rights and what steps to take if you’re denied boarding in the UK or on flights covered by EU regulations.

Why Might You Be Denied Boarding?

Airlines sometimes sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane, expecting that some passengers won’t show up. If everyone turns up and the flight is full, the airline may have to deny boarding to some passengers. This is often because the flight is overbooked.

Your Rights to Compensation

If you’re denied boarding against your will on a flight departing from the UK or an EU country, or on a flight to these places with a UK or EU airline, you’re protected. EU Regulation EC 261/2004 means you could get compensation if you’re bumped from a flight due to overbooking. The amount depends on the flight distance and how much your arrival at your final destination is delayed.

How Much Can You Get?

Short flights (under 1,500km): You could get up to €250 (about £220).
Medium flights (1,500km to 3,500km): The compensation could be up to €400 (around £350).
Long flights (over 3,500km): The amount might be between €300 (about £260) and €600 (around £530), depending on the delay length.

Steps to Take if You’re Denied Boarding

Don’t Volunteer Without Knowing Your Rights: If the airline asks for volunteers to give up their seats, remember that accepting vouchers or other perks might mean giving up your right to compensation.

Keep Your Travel Documents: Hold onto your boarding pass and any other booking documents. These are crucial for making a claim.

Ask Why You’re Denied Boarding: Knowing the reason can be important, especially if you decide to claim compensation later.

Request an Alternative Flight or Refund: You have the right to choose between a refund or being rebooked on the next available flight to your destination.

Claim Your Compensation: If you’re eligible, ask for compensation. This is in addition to any refunds or alternative travel arrangements.

Ask for Meals and Accommodation if Needed: If you’re facing a long wait or an overnight delay, the airline should cover meals and a hotel stay.

Save Receipts for Extra Expenses: Keep any receipts for additional costs incurred due to being denied boarding. You might be able to claim these back.

Check Your Eligibility for Compensation: Not all situations qualify, so it’s worth checking if your specific case does.

Final Thoughts

Being denied boarding is frustrating, but knowing your rights can make the situation a bit easier to manage. Compensation rules are there to ensure that passengers are treated fairly and can help mitigate the inconvenience and additional costs. If you find yourself in this situation, remember these tips and don’t forget to contact us if you need help to take action to claim what you’re entitled to.

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