• 10.October.2023
  • 3 min
  • By: Steve Reid

Air travel is undoubtedly convenient, but it comes with its fair share of uncertainties. Flight delays and cancellations can disrupt your plans and cause frustration. In the UK, the search term “flight compensation” has seen a significant 64% increase in Google searches over the past year, highlighting the growing concern among travellers.

This month MoneyTransfers.com conducted a comprehensive study analysing the latest 2023 flight delay data across the UK. Here we reveal the top 3 worst airports and airlines to avoid, giving you valuable insights into your travel choices.

The Top 3 Worst Airports: Delays and Early Arrivals

When it comes to airports, knowing which ones are prone to delays can be a game-changer. Gatwick Airport takes the top spot for the highest number of flight delays in the UK, with a staggering 74.1% of flights experiencing delays between April and June 2023. If you’re heading to destinations like Barcelona, Malaga, Dublin, or Faro, which have frequent flights from Gatwick, it’s wise to brace yourself for potential delays.

Bournemouth Airport and Newcastle follow closely as the joint second-worst for delays, with 73.6% of flights being delayed, particularly on routes to Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, and Alicante. Followed by Bristol Airport at 72.5% to complete the list of the top 3 worst airports for delays.

Delays vs. Early Arrivals: How Long Will You Wait?

While any delay can be frustrating, knowing the average delay times at different airports can help you prepare better. The Isle of Man Airport tops the list for the longest average delay time in the UK, with passengers waiting for over 33 minutes on average. Gatwick Airport follows closely, with an average delay of just over 27 minutes. Bournemouth Airport completes the top 3 worst airports for the longest delays following closely behind with an average delay of 25.43 minutes.

On the flip side, Belfast City Airport emerges as the best airport, with less than half (46.3%) of its flights experiencing delays during the same period. Exeter Airport, Southampton Airport, Teesside International Airport, and the Isle of Man Airport complete the list of the top 5 best airports with minimal delays.

For those considering these airports for their travel, destinations like Amsterdam, Mallorca, and Malaga offer convenient flight options.

The Top 3 Worst Airlines: Who’s Delaying Your Journey?

While airport choices can influence your travel experience, the airline you choose plays a significant role too. Kenya Airways takes the crown for the airline with the highest percentage of delayed flights departing from the UK, with a staggering 89.97% of flights facing delays. Uzbekistan Airlines follows closely as the second-worst for delays, with 87.18% of flights experiencing delays.

European airline Air Malta completes the list of the top 3 worst airlines for delayed flights coming in at 86.06%

In conclusion, while delays are an inevitable part of air travel, being informed about the performance of airports and airlines can help you make smarter choices for your next journey. Whether you prioritise avoiding delays, minimising wait times, or arriving early, this study provides valuable insights to ensure smoother and more enjoyable travels. 

However when things don’t go to plan we’re here to help. Use our simple calculator to check your compensation and see if you are owed cash from flight cancellations or delays.

Steve Reid is a seasoned traveler and passionate advocate for passenger rights. With years of experience navigating the skies, Steve has become an expert in understanding the intricacies of flight delays, cancellations, and compensation.

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